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Senin, 04 April 2011

Building children's character

[Excerpts from How to have 'Amazing Kids' by Barbara Joy Clarke]
It is very important to build character in children as then only they will know the difference between right and wrong.Children who have been taught character will also practise the right thing.This will make a better society and hence a better nation to live.Here's an A to Z guidelines for character building.
CHARACTER is a belief in an absolute system of right and wrong, combined with the will to do what is right regardless of the cost.  Therefore, a person with character will say, "What's the right thing
to do?" and a person with NO character will say, "What's in it for me?".  You automatically have respect for a person with 'character'.
Character deals with the matters of the heart--the inner you, not the outer you.  The foundation of a person is the character.  When you are an adult, you should proudly be able to say…I'm a person of character, I don't do what's wrong".
In the past, society defined success in terms of character--what a person stood for, what a person believes, and the condition of the heart of the person.  Unfortunately, in today's society, the shift is from character
to achievement, to performance, to doing.  It's no longer what the condition of your heart is, it's how well you perform.  We are living in a culture today when we come to a fork in the road where we have to choose character over achievement, most choose achievement.  When that happens, there is an automatic change in a person's ethics or values.
We are slowly eliminating from our thinking and our line of sight the very thing we need most as individuals and as a nation.
Why is it important for parents to build 'character' in their children?
Your children need to know within their hearts what is 'right' and what is 'wrong'.
Children who have been taught 'character' by mom and dad automatically know 'right' from 'wrong' and have the will to practice what is the right thing to do regardless of the cost to them.
The key is to instill in your children the very necessary "moral and value" system that will build character and discipline.  This will enable your children to make the 'right choices' in their lives and have the will to practice them when pressured by outside influences, namely peer pressure.
Here are some A-Z guidelines:
A is for Accountability - Hold your children accountable for their behaviour.
Making your children accountable for their behaviour teaches your kids right from wrong.
It also teaches your kids that we are all allowed to make choices and that you expect them to make the right choice because they are a person of 'character'.  All children who have character make the right choice…guide your children to make the right choice. He will quickly learn to be accountable for their behaviour and make the right choice.

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